God Lets Us Bear Fruit

Because of sin, the relationship between God and people has been disrupted. But because of grace and faith in Jesus Christ, we are called to a deep relationship with God. God wants this relationship to bear fruit.
Bible book: John Keywords: Bearing Fruit - Pruning

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Who is the Holy Spirit? Is He a Person? Or should we interpret Him as God's Power? Or God Himself?
Bible book: John Keywords: Holy Spirit - Person - Spirit - Trinity

Looking with Reborn Eyes

A lot has changed since the moment we became Christians, by asking Jesus to forgive us and to become Lord over our lives. We can spend a lot of time contemplating this. Today, however, we will discuss the way we look at certain things; in a completely dif…
Bible book: 2 Corinthians Keywords: New Creation - Rebirth

It Really Happened

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the most crucial aspects to the foundation of the Christian faith. It is talked about and alluded to on a daily basis, and we even have a holiday to celebrate it (Easter). So many people ask “did it all reall…
Bible book: Revelation Keywords: Easter - Faith - Resurrection

Our Words and Our Family

We are created in God’s image. He created the world by using His words. Our words also contain power and will surely have impact. What can we learn about this and how can we carefully handle this power?
Bible book: Genesis Keywords: Family - Influence - Preach - Words

Who Are We To Our Friends?

Luke 19:1-10 tells us a story about how Jesus met a man who did not have many friends. By being a friend to him, Jesus won his heart.
Bible book: Luke Keywords: Evangelization - Friends

Our Faith Will be Tested

We can call ourselves believers, when we believe in something that transcends us. We can call ourselves Christians when we lay our lives in God’s hands, and trust Him to grant us forgiveness from our sins and an everlasting future.
Bible book: Genesis Keywords: Faith - Obedience - Testing - Victory

Hannah, the Mother After God's Own Heart

1 Samuel 1:1-18 introduces us to a woman who can be a role model for many of us, especially for those who are mothers. Let us read a number of verses from this chapter.
Bible book: 1 Samuel Keywords: Care for - Intercession - Loyalty - Motherhood - Parenthood

Come, Hear, and Act Accordingly

Many people call Jesus Christ “Lord”, but fail to do what He asks of us.
Bible book: Luke Keywords: Act - Obedience