Church of Faith

The church belongs to God and Jesus Christ. The faith that resides in the church has influence in the community and beyond.
Bible book: Galatians Keywords: Church - Faith - Influence

Help With Believing

There is help in retaining our faith, even when it is very difficult.
Bible book: Hebrews Keywords: Faith - Help - High Priest - Sympathize - Testing

It Really Happened

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the most crucial aspects to the foundation of the Christian faith. It is talked about and alluded to on a daily basis, and we even have a holiday to celebrate it (Easter). So many people ask “did it all reall…
Bible book: Revelation Keywords: Easter - Faith - Resurrection

Our Faith Will be Tested

We can call ourselves believers, when we believe in something that transcends us. We can call ourselves Christians when we lay our lives in God’s hands, and trust Him to grant us forgiveness from our sins and an everlasting future.
Bible book: Genesis Keywords: Faith - Obedience - Testing - Victory