What Is Wisdom

It is extra remarkable when someone who is known for his wisdom, makes a very stupid move. Sometimes this move can have major consequences, because the person who possessed much wisdom had been entrusted with much responsibility .
Bible book: 1 Kings Keywords: God's Will - Obedience - Wisdom - Wise

Read, Live, and Pass On

People who read the Word of God and also apply it, will not only be blessed by God, but are also able to pass in on.
Bible book: Ezra Keywords: Bible - Education - Evangelization - Life - Obedience

How God Uses the Bible

God uses His Word to teach His people new things and to show them the way. There are many ways in which God does that.
Bible book: Hebrews Keywords: Bible - Mirror - Obedience - Sword

Our Life for Him

In the Old Testament, sacrifice meant that a life had to be taken. This points to the life and death of Jesus Christ, which in a sense had to be taken in order for us to be united with God.
Bible book: Romans Keywords: Obedience - Sacrifice - Talents - Thinking

Our Faith Will be Tested

We can call ourselves believers, when we believe in something that transcends us. We can call ourselves Christians when we lay our lives in God’s hands, and trust Him to grant us forgiveness from our sins and an everlasting future.
Bible book: Genesis Keywords: Faith - Obedience - Testing - Victory