What Is Wisdom

It is extra remarkable when someone who is known for his wisdom, makes a very stupid move. Sometimes this move can have major consequences, because the person who possessed much wisdom had been entrusted with much responsibility .
Bible book: 1 Kings Keywords: God's Will - Obedience - Wisdom - Wise

God’s Guidance And Our Input

During times when we don’t know what to do, we can ask God for guidance, because who would know better for what’s best for us than God?
Bible book: Judges Keywords: Lead - Responsibility - Wise

Wisely Walking the Way

This seems like an advertisement of an automobile association. However, it is an encouragement from Paul when he writes to the Christians in Ephesus. He also writes about how to become wise.
Bible book: Ephesians Keywords: God's Will - Gratitude - Holy Spirit - Praise - Wise