God’s Guidance And Our Input

During times when we don’t know what to do, we can ask God for guidance, because who would know better for what’s best for us than God?
Bible book: Judges Keywords: Lead - Responsibility - Wise

Praising God’s Word

The Bible is just a book, just paper printed with black ink and sometimes bound in a leather cover. Christians are not inclined to worship the Bible. God's Word is not exalted or praised.
Bible book: 2 Thessalonians Keywords: Bible - Evangelization - Words

Love and Discipline

Who would punish a child? Who would make the decision to restrain a child from something, take something away from him or to even ground the child?
Bible book: Hosea Keywords: Discipline - Love - Reconciliation

Command with a Promise

When God gives us a command, He also gives us a promise. God protects us and helps us to carry out our task. That should be a strong motivation to accept the commands of the King of Kings and to carry them out faithfully.
Bible book: Joshua Keywords: Help - Mission - Promise - Task

Speak the Truth, Especially when Concerning Others

When we speak about other people, we must speak the truth. Lying about the other is also called gossiping. Lying to deliberately harm the other is called a false witness.
Bible book: Deuteronomy Keywords: Lies - Lying - Punishment - Testimony - Truth

Pain and Struggle

What are the consequences of struggle in our lives? Is there a reward? Can something go wrong?
Bible book: 2 Timothy Keywords: Fight - Hardship/Effort - Justification - Victory

Only the Best

When we give a gift to someone we know, we might consider giving an average present. But for our King we only give the best.
Bible book: Leviticus Keywords: Giving - Holy - King - Quality - Sacrifice

Sinner or Saint

What do you consider yourself? Are you a sinner or a saint? Or maybe somewhere in between? According to the Bible, there are only two possibilities. Where are you at?
Bible book: Colossians Keywords: New Creation - Saint - Sinner

Grumbling and Discontentment

We grumble when we are discontent. Sometimes we have a good reason to be unsatisfied. However, often it is with no reason.
Bible book: Numbers Keywords: Dissatisfaction - Grumble - Impatience - Punishment

Help With Believing

There is help in retaining our faith, even when it is very difficult.
Bible book: Hebrews Keywords: Faith - Help - High Priest - Sympathize - Testing