The Pentecostal Fire

Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit and fire. What is the meaning of this fire?
Bible book: Luke Keywords: Fire - Holy Spirit - Pentecost - Spirit

Salted and Pure

As Christians, we live in a world that is turning dark. There are many beautiful and good things, but more and more trash and darkness come our way through news, television, and events.
Bible book: Exodus Keywords: Holy - Life - Pure - Sacrifice - Worship

The Power of Words

There are many words in our world. Spoken words and written words. Not to mention the words we use on radio, TV, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.
Bible book: James Keywords: Mighty - Preach - Words

Jesus’ Work in Heaven

Jesus has been in Heaven for the past 2000 years, and He is also fulfilling certain tasks there.
Bible book: John Keywords: Heaven - Intercession - Jesus' Work

Jesus’ Work on Earth

How does a holy, immortal, unending God help a sinful, mortal, and tiny human? God’s answer: by becoming a human Himself and be like man in every way (but without sin), to take all sin onto Himself, and thus reuniting man with Himself.
Bible book: Mark Keywords: Education - Evangelization - Jesus' Work - Redemption

How God Uses the Bible

God uses His Word to teach His people new things and to show them the way. There are many ways in which God does that.
Bible book: Hebrews Keywords: Bible - Mirror - Obedience - Sword

The Time for Suffering is Near

The persecution of Christians, as in the time of the communistic countries and some Arabic countries, may seem to us as a situation far away, with little relevance to our day-to-day lives. Perhaps that is why this next passage from the first book of Peter…
Bible book: 1 Peter Keywords: Persecution - Suffering - Testing

Our Life for Him

In the Old Testament, sacrifice meant that a life had to be taken. This points to the life and death of Jesus Christ, which in a sense had to be taken in order for us to be united with God.
Bible book: Romans Keywords: Obedience - Sacrifice - Talents - Thinking

What Jesus Saved Us From

What did Jesus save us from?
Bible book: Matthew Keywords: Easter - Good Friday - Redemption

The Bankruptcy of a Slave

These days people can win millions of dollars in a lottery. This substantial amount of money is practically unthinkable; the worth of a 10-dollar bill is easier to understand. In Matthew, we read about someone who did not understand the difference very we…
Bible book: Matthew Keywords: Anger - Forgiveness - Gratitude - Pride