No Salvation Without God’s Word

According to Paul, salvation is only possible by believing. We are saved by God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:8). But, how do we receive that faith?
Bible book: Romans Keywords: Bible - Evangelization - Salvation

God’s Word Will Remain

Yesterday’s study showed that Ezra enjoyed the protection of God, because he handled His Word with care. He studied it, applied it and taught others. Jesus Christ says exactly the same, with a slightly different emphasis.
Bible book: Matthew Keywords: Bible - Education - God's Word

Read, Live, and Pass On

People who read the Word of God and also apply it, will not only be blessed by God, but are also able to pass in on.
Bible book: Ezra Keywords: Bible - Education - Evangelization - Life - Obedience

Wisely Walking the Way

This seems like an advertisement of an automobile association. However, it is an encouragement from Paul when he writes to the Christians in Ephesus. He also writes about how to become wise.
Bible book: Ephesians Keywords: God's Will - Gratitude - Holy Spirit - Praise - Wise

Unanswered Prayers

Why do our prayers stay unanswered sometimes? Someone who says God is sovereign, shall discover that God can be entreated. This changes God’s plans.
Bible book: 2 Samuel Keywords: Prayer - Prayers - Relation

Lying and Deceiving

Is a little white lie okay? Is there even something like a white lie? We can make things very difficult for ourselves with these questions. God, the One Who is called the Truth, is very clear about lying and deceiving.
Bible book: Acts Keywords: Deceiving - Holy Spirit - Lies - Lying - Preach - Punishment

Because He First Loved Us

We live in a world where love is often lacking. Some people really seem to have an amazing capacity for selfless love, but unfortunately most people have the most love only for themselves.
Bible book: 1 John Keywords: Love - Loving

God Uses the Bible in Our Lives

God uses His Word to reach people and to bring them to faith in Jesus Christ, to help believers grow in faith, and to lead believers through this life.
Bible book: Romans Keywords: Bible - Education - God's Word - Lead - Signpost - Truth

Unity and Spiritual Maturity

Divisions in the city of Corinth are a major cause of the decline in spiritual growth. Paul finds this unacceptable. Why is unity so important and how can we reach it?
Bible book: 1 Corinthians Keywords: Growth - Maturity - Spiritual - Unity

God’s Power in Our Lives

Does God wait until we call on Him, or is He so strongly involved in our lives that He takes the initiative?
Bible book: 2 Chronicles Keywords: Life - Power - Search