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Pain and Struggle

What are the consequences of struggle in our lives? Is there a reward? Can something go wrong?
Bible book: 2 Timothy Keywords: Fight - Hardship/Effort - Justification - Victory

Only the Best

When we give a gift to someone we know, we might consider giving an average present. But for our King we only give the best.
Bible book: Leviticus Keywords: Giving - Holy - King - Quality - Sacrifice

Sinner or Saint

What do you consider yourself? Are you a sinner or a saint? Or maybe somewhere in between? According to the Bible, there are only two possibilities. Where are you at?
Bible book: Colossians Keywords: New Creation - Saint - Sinner

Grumbling and Discontentment

We grumble when we are discontent. Sometimes we have a good reason to be unsatisfied. However, often it is with no reason.
Bible book: Numbers Keywords: Dissatisfaction - Grumble - Impatience - Punishment

Help With Believing

There is help in retaining our faith, even when it is very difficult.
Bible book: Hebrews Keywords: Faith - Help - High Priest - Sympathize - Testing